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Working with Mamta & Nikhil has been a wonderful experience. They offer true value for money. Their diversity of experience gives them an edge to see things beyond the ordinary.

Rahul Banka CEO, Eves24 Jewelleries

Mamta & Nikhil are a happy-go-lucky photographers who are always keen to try new things. Due to their warm nature, it becomes easy for people to give their best which translates to better photographs.

Gaurav Bangera Manager, Axis Bank

Our Latest Stories

How to go green on your wedding?

Make sure your wedding has a positive impact The wedding season is in full swing and we know you all are excited and gearing up for it. The past year for us has been compelling contradictory/conflicting/ ironic/ paradoxical as it was filled with various experiences exposing us to environmental issues and simultaneously drowning ourselves in […]

Kabir Malwa Yatra

Kabira Speaking – Kabir In Our Lives

As kids, we’ve all heard of Sant Kabir, of Kabir ke Dohe and verses that began with ‘Kahe Kabira’. Somewhere as we grew up, most of these memories faded away. Not only of Kabir’s but also words of many other mystic poets, that have ended up as mere Bollywood numbers today. Perhaps we never delved […]

Kohima War Cemetery, Nagaland

  There never was a good war, or a bad peace.- BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Sitting amidst remnants of what was remained of human destruction, our hearts cringed. Counting numbers. The number of graves as we keep moving upwards the steps of once a war zone. Why? What for? We contemplated, as we sat on a brick […]

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